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Parenting Teenagers

 "Is this what I signed up for?" Are you struggling with your relationship with your teen and possibly asking yourself this question?  Are you desiring to change the current dynamic of your relationship with your teen?  Are you aware of what is getting in the way of open communication?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions I am here to guide you as you seek harmony with your teen!

Life Coaching for Parents of Teenagers

Most parents of teenagers know that it is challenging and often frustrating trying to communicate with their adolescent.  It becomes very obvious that adolescence is not the same developmental stage as early childhood and can cause great pain and angst in the parent child relationship.

Together we can work on growing and changing the relationship with your teen into one that works for both of you and leaves you feeling more empowered and fulfilled.

 Call today for your FREE 30 minute discovery call: 805-252-8502

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