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Barren Beach


Finding hope amid cancer, despite its challenges, is a testament to human resilience. It stems from support, medical advancements, and survivor stories. Small victories, laughter, and kind words become beacons of hope. It also arises from inner strength, determination, and the belief in recovery. Connecting with others in similar situations offers community and understanding. I am here to support you through the journey of cancer treatment and survivorship.

Life Coaching the Navigation of Cancer with Hope

he diagnosis of Cancer brings with it all types of fear, questions, concerns and stress.  Having navigated cancer myself I can come alongside you on this journey.

Together we can learn how to keep the embers of Hope alive.  We accomplish this understanding how our brains think and camp in negativity.  We learn to reframe things in a positive, hopeful light.  We explore your relationship with that which is greater, ie/God. I can be a knowing support and would love to show up in a ways for you that family may not be able to do.

 Call today for your FREE 30 minute  discovery call: 805-252-8502

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