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In midlife, people often lose purpose due to existential questioning, career dissatisfaction, health issues, or relationship challenges. External pressures and unfulfilling pursuits can also contribute. This complex interplay diminishes one's sense of purpose.

I am here to guide you through discovery of what comes next for you.

Life Coaching Finding Purpose in Midlife and Beyond

Adults often find themselves wondering what is next in midlife (40-65yrs old).  These thoughts may lead to considering a new career or moving to live in a new place.

Together we can explore your options and find what it is you may want to change.  We can uncover the gifts and passions that you are looking to utilize and cultivate to create a new or more specific type if “work”.  We can discover what changes can be made that will result in greater fulfillment in this next phase of life.

 Call today for your FREE 30 minute  discovery call: 805-252-8502

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