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Shannon Jones

Life Coach

I understand life is hard and changing a habit or pattern of behavior can be even harder!  I Support men and women in midlife: Specializing in parenting teens, finding purpose, and creating change.  As a Health and Life Coach, I help you discover and get what it is you want in and from Life.

“I have never thought about using a life or health coach before my time with Shannon.  Now I can’t imagine NOT having a coach, and I have to wonder to myself, why wouldn’t I invest in someone who is fully interested in helping me reach my life goals."

D. Wilcox

It feels like the circumstances of my life have all been in preparation for me to become a Life Coach! I have raised two girls, have been married for 24 years and have survived cancer.  I have been a dental hygienist for 28 years which has allowed me the opportunity to create a safe space for clients to share their lives. I now have the education and certification to add to my passion for encouraging and caring for others through life coaching; creating positive change for people who are feeling stuck, helping parents of teens figure out how to improve the relationship with their child, and navigating with those who are wondering what is next for them in a new chapter of life. As a Cancer survivor I can help coach through the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship; also coaching caretakers/family for those with Cancer.


Coaching Packages

Single Session

Sessions are 55 minutes by phone call or Zoom

1st 30min discovery call FREE

1 Month Package

4 sessions, once a week for 1 month- discounted fee

3 Month Package

12 sessions, once a week for 3 months- further discounted fee

Preferred payment via Venmo @SJlifecoach

My Life Coaching Approach

I was taught the art of coaching through the Health Coach Institute.  I learned that there are 3 crucial components to successful coaching.  The right System, Support and Accountability.  I employ these components in how I strategize each session, for each client.  When we meet you will have my complete attention as we work toward defining your vision of what you want, your goals. I will create a safe space for you to share and process and I will be a guide and a support to help you move through obstacles that threaten to keep you from reaching your goals. I look forward to showing up for you! 
Have a blessed day,
Coach Jones


Contact Me

I hope you feel that I can be a helpful and inspiring part of your journey toward becoming the best version of you.  Please set up a FREE 30 minute discovery call: Voicemail/Text 805-252-8502 or submit to my email. Have a blessed day!

Thanks for submitting!

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